Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Phillies 5, Rockies 1

Not a lot to say about a game like this, which is easier to take than a close loss or a blown lead or something like that. It seemed clear from the fifth inning that the Rockies weren't going to win.

A couple of observations:

* The big thing with Cliff Lee is that he didn't walk anyone. The Rockies led the National League in walks this year, by a wide margin, and when they don't draw any walks, their offense is really slowed. Lee leads the Phillies in fewest walks issued, by a wide margin; he allowed 1.1 walks per nine innings while in Philadelphia.

The Phils as a whole don't really walk people either. They were second in the league in fewest walks allowed, behind the Cardinals. Whether this means you might as well leave big walkers like Stewart and Iannetta out of the lineup, or whether it means they need to be in there, I really couldn't tell you.

* Torrealba is really helpless behind the plate, and the Phillies know it. Yes, he threw out one basestealer today, but that was Ryan Howard, who is only slightly faster than Curly Howard, and Ryan looked safe to me. If Yorvit stays behind the plate, the Phils are going to steal them blind.

* Ubaldo would have been in much better shape had those two wind-blown fly balls been caught. But the Rockies would have lost anyway.

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