Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Seth Smith - or "Smitty," as the players cleverly call him - is an exceptionally good baseball player, but he doesn't seem to receive nearly the recognition he should. He hits for a good average, delivers power with doubles, triples and homers, knows how to take ball four, and plays a pretty good rightfield, although he had a couple of hiccups out there last night. Of course, after Brad Hawpe, I would probably look pretty good in rightfield.

Did you realize that despite the presence of Tulo and CarGo, Smith leads the Rockies in slugging percentage this year, by a pretty wide margin? His .925 OPS is also easily the highest among the regulars. He had a huge game last night, hitting two homers, driving in three of the Rox' four runs, including the game decider in the top of the ninth. And for all that, his name didn't appear in the Denver Post game story until the turn page.

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